🐈‍⬛MiniPanther DAO (🐈‍⬛,🐈‍⬛)

The MiniPanther team will be donating part of its proceeds from running the DAO to black cat-related charities!

Welcome to MiniPanther DAO, a Special Purpose DAO (SPDAO) on the Fantom Network! MiniPanther brings the concept of fast-and-furious 14-day "layers" to the DAO world. After operating under the standard DAO mechanics of staking and bonding for 14 days, 80% of all non-LP treasury funds will be used for buybacks on day 15!

MiniPanther is a DAO with emissions that last only 14 days, and it ends with a MASSIVE series of buybacks totaling 80% of the treasury!

  • Staking rewards are given on days 1-14

  • Bonding/minting is available on days 1-11, building the treasury (3-day vesting)

    • Regular treasury withdrawal is disabled; admins have no access to treasury funds

  • After 14 days, no more new MP tokens can be added to the supply. The amounts in all treasury bonds besides MP-DAI are calculated, and buybacks are performed by a special admin function

    • 80% must be used for MP buybacks on the untouched MP-DAI LP within day 15

    • 20% is sent to the contract operators

  • If any buyback funds remain unspent after day 15, a publicly callable function can conduct all remaining buybacks

  • After all buybacks are complete, MP becomes the meme token of the Fantom ecosystem

    • Stakers will still receive rewards via proportional redistribution of the 8% Selling Tax

    • If the protocol retains sufficient TVL, the team will pursue a Fantom infrastructural grant

MiniPanther is an exciting short-term financial game the likes of which has never been executed properly. Unlike previous attempts, such as SnowdogDAO, MiniPanther's code directly ensures that all buybacks are made with transparency and fairness!

MiniPanther employs a Selling Tax as a holding incentive! The tax is redistributed to stakers during rebases. To avoid the transaction tax when forming LP, you must use the Liquidity Helper on our website!

MiniPanther has an outside staking agreement with Dark Knight! You will be able to stake wsMP tokens at Dark Knight to earn dKnight tokens, which you will then be able to stake to earn more MP!

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