Monetary Policy

Initial Supply: 100,000 MP
  • DAO: 50,000 MP
    • The team would like to trade DAO tokens for outside staking pools, in which wsMP (the wrapped staking receipt token) could be deposited to earn other tokens. We are interested in setting up staking partnership(s) with DEXes, farms, or any other DAOs that operate a MasterChef (e.g. OxDAO). Such partnerships would allow MP stakers to earn double benefits: they would receive both rebase staking rewards on MP and outside staking credit in another pool.
  • DAI presale: 25,000 MP
  • ​Stone Temple Binance BUSD presale participants: 14,000 MP
  • Stone Temple Binance token swap: 1,500 MP
  • ​Darkside Finance token swap: 2,500 MP
  • Liquidity: 5,000 MP
  • Incentives: 2,000 MP
Reward Rate: 1.0% per epoch
Rebase frequency: 14400 seconds (4 hours)
Bond Control Variable (BCV): Changes according to market conditions; controls the pricing of bonds/minting (higher value = higher prices)
Vesting Term (seconds): 259200; bonded tokens are vested over 3 days
Fee (basis points): 10000; the minter and protocol receive equal numbers MINO
Max Payout: 1000; the maximum purchasable bond as a percentage (1% of the current supply can be minted in a given bond transaction)
Transaction tax: 8% only on selling (must use liquidity helper for LP formation to avoid tax)