Welcome to MiniPanther DAO! This document provides instructions on how to participate in MP staking and outside bonus staking on Dark Knight! Our full staking program comprises a synergistic cycle!

To enjoy these double staking benefits, take the following steps:

Setting up Metamask for Fantom Network

To interact with Minotaur Money, you need to setup your browser's Metamask plugin for the Cronos Network. To do so, open your Metamask extension and open the Networks dropdown. Then, at the bottom, click "Add network":

Use the following information to add Fantom Network to Metamask:

  • Network name: Fantom

  • RPC URL: https://rpc.ftm.tools

  • Chain ID: 250

  • Currency symbol: FTM

  • Block explorer: https://ftmscan.com/

Getting Funds Onto Fantom Network

To participate in MiniPanther, you will also need funds in your Fantom Network wallet! The gas currency of Fantom is FTM, and you can pay for MP with a variety of tokens.

  • Centralized exchanges to withdraw FTM: Binance, Kucoin

  • Make sure to use Fantom Network to withdraw FTM (not ERC20 FTM)

Once you have FTM on your MetaMask wallet, you can swap for any other payment token at Spookyswap. We recommend using DAI to purchase MP on Spookyswap and FTM to purchase MP on Knightswap.

Celer CBridge allows you to bridge tokens from other blockchains (BSC, Polygon, ETH, etc.) to Fantom. They have been sending 0.4 FTM for gas to anyone who bridges, so you can get yourself set up with just a single bridge transaction.

Buying Spot MP Tokens

Forming MP LP tokens

Note: You must use the liquidity helper on our website to avoid transaction tax!

If you would like to avoid the transaction tax on LP token formation, you must form the LP tokens using the liquidity helper on our website:


A series of expandable bars appears on the liquidity helper page. After you have approved both tokens, enter the amount of one token to add, and the corresponding value of the other token should fill in. Then, click "Add liquidity" to form LP tokens!


Bonding (or Minting, as it is otherwise known) allows you to purchase MP tokens at the discount rates displayed on the left column of our website. Tokens purchased this way are released to the user at a constant rate for 3 days (aka Vesting).

First, select the bond you wish to purchase from the "Mint discounts" column or the "Mint" screen:

Then, once you have the token you wish to use for bonding in your wallet (following the instructions above for LP tokens), click that bond's entry to proceed.

On the Mint tab, Approve the token and then enter the amount you wish to spend. The amount of MP you will get appears below. Click the blue button to mint MP and begin your 3-day vesting period.

On the Redeem tab, you can either Claim or Claim and Autostake. Bonded MP tokens become available at a constant rate for 3 days. Claim moves the claimable tokens to your wallet, and Claim and Autostake stakes the claimable tokens in the MP single staking pool.

MP Staking

MP single staking is required to earn rebase rewards. TO access MINO staking, click the "Stake" link in the left column.

To stake, approve MP tokens, then enter the amount you want to stake and press the light blue button. This immediately gives the user sMP tokens 1:1 as a receipt.

To unstake, approve sMP tokens, then enter the amount you want to unstake and press the light blue button. This gives the user back MP tokens for the sMP on a 1:1 basis.

Harvesting is not necessary, as new sMP tokens are distributed automatically to sMP token holders when rebases occur.

sMP Wrapping

In order to stake sMP on an outside staking platform, it needs to be wrapped. This is because MP rebase rewards are distributed directly to the address that holds sMP.

Wrapped sMP (wsMP) maintains the rebase rewards during the time it is wrapped: when unwrapped, it yields an increasing number of sMP tokens per wsMP over time. Access the sMP wrapping interface by clicking the "Wrap" link on the left side of our website:

wsMP Token Staking to Earn dKnight Tokens on MMF

Once wrapped, wsMP tokens can be staked at Dark Knight to earn dKnight tokens as bonus yield. You retain your rebase rewards by holding wsMP, so you get both the rebase rewards and the bonus yield!

Head to https://dark.knightswap.financial/raid to stake wsMP and earn dKnight tokens:

Enable the pool by clicking "Approve wMP," and then click the "+" button to stake wsMP. Harvest the rewards by pressing the "Harvest" button.

You can then stake the earned dKnight tokens on another pool at https://dark.knightswap.financial/raid to earn MP:

When you have earned enough dKnight tokens to harvest, you can press "harvest" and collect MP into your wallet. Then, you can stake the earned MP on MiniPanther to complete the cycle!

This page is currently under construction! Please check back later!

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